Sell A House With Code Violations

If your property has been cited for any code violations, the tickets and fees that come with them are often costly to fix. You may be curious to see if you can sell a house with code violations without having to fix them first. Before we get into that, first what you should be aware of are there’s a few different kinds of code violations, including:

  • Zoning Violations
  • Noise Violations
  • Abatement Citations
  • Health and Safety Violations

When assessed with any of these code violations, the city will always give you an amount that needs to be paid to bring forth a remedy to the violation. Oftentimes, they will also require you to fix the issue by making costly repairs and adjustments to the property. And of course, they city loves giving out late fees! Late fees quickly add up, too, and it makes paying them off hard to do if you don’t prioritize them. You can learn more about Office of the State Building Inspector, and the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Back to your question, can you sell a house with code violations without having to fix them first? The answer is yes! But not just to any buyer. You need to make sure the buyer is a cash buyer!

At Mum City Homes we buy your house as is, with the code violations attached and we will fix the problems ourselves, without any extra cost or impact on you. We want to make it as easy for you to sell a house with code violations in Connecticut because we are using cash.

If you have the time and money to fix them yourself, great! But if not, then let us handle the headache for you. Best of all, when you sell a house with code violations in Connecticut to Mum City Homes, we’ll make the process simple! First, we’ll come and check out the house in person so we can come up with a fair and honest offer within 24 hours. If you like the offer, great! We will handle all of the paperwork, all you need to worry about is what day you’d like to have your check! You can rest assured that the amount that we offer is the amount you’ll receive. You won’t have to worry about paying for closing costs, realtor commissions or inspections and appraisals! Mum City Homes wants to make it super easy for you to sell a house with code violations exactly as it is!

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