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Wouldn’t you like to put some extra money in your pocket?  We are looking for discounted properties that we can pay CA$H for in  a short amount of time.  The types of property that we are in need of are single family run down homes that are either vacant, inherited, the landlord is tired of dealing with the tenants, etc.  These are the types of homes that are not typically listed with a real estate agent.  We are able to pay CA$H. with no closing costs or commissions to a REALTOR®, and in as little as 7 days without hassle.

We need our friends and family to let us know of any properties that you would have personal knowledge of the owner highly motivated to sell.  If you bring us a solid lead that turns into a completed SOLD property through Mum City Homes, LLC, we will pay $1,000 for the lead, if we don’t already have it in our database.  If you not only bring us the lead, but help negotiate the deal for the price offered by Mum City Homes, we will pay 25% commission, of the net fee on that lead.  Give us a call and let’s talk about what the 25% can mean to you.

We are always looking for new serious buyer/investors to come in as partners with Mum City Homes, LLC.  If  you bring us a buyer, besides yourself or immediate family, we will give you $1,000 when your buyer/investor lead closes on the property they purchase.



Let’s talk and get some extra CA$H in you pockets A.S.A.P.!